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Law Enforcement Days 2020 - Live Fire Days


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Security Forum


Event of the WELP Group enthuses numerous exhibitors and visitors following the motto “mobility and communication”

Extremely demanding terrain, outdoor-activities full of action, a lot of mobility and communication – a more suitable location as the FurstenForest could have not been chosen by the WELP Group for its Security Forum. Europe’s largest off-road park on the former barracks ground of the Pommern barracks in the North of Osnabrück sets the highlight of this year’s event of the leading manufacturer in the field of development and manufacture of armoured security vehicles vividly in scene. Where visitors are otherwise looking for an outdoor thrill with a monster truck or paintball, 200 professional visitors were suitably impressed of what 30 of the protection industry could offer – among them several well-known names such as Rheinmetall, Diehl Defence, DND, Eibach, Isoclima, AGP or Hänsch. The conlusion of the WELP Security Forum, which was supported by the Mönch publishing group this year was very positive: “The fact that we were able to increase the number of visitors to such extend after the successful premiere two years ago and especially great interest of authorities and the industry likewise shows that we are on the right track”, affirms Ronald Gerschewski, Managing Director of the WELP Holding GmbH. “It is good to see that our event evolves into an industry gathering in the field of protection.”


Successful concept demonstrated at new site

The WELP Group organized the safety conference 2017 for the first time, this time following the motto „Concepts for inner security“at the site IndiKar in Wilkau-Haßlau. This time, the large indoor- and outdoor exhibition was following the motto “mobility and communication”. “The trade fair turned out to be a completely successful platform for new technologies and developments in the protection industry“, Volker Schwichentenberg, Managing Director of the media partner Mönch was also convinced. Numerous live demonstrations of the latest technical products from different areas of the industry provided exciting experiences.


Manifold demonstrations of latest technique

There was so much to see at the WELP Action Demo through the offroad-area of the FurstenFurest with the armoured Toyota Land Cruiser 200 and the Toyota Land Cruiser 76. The following came apparent: Whereas the Toyota Land Cruiser 76 with his numerous upgrade options is a real all-rounder complying with any customer requirements, the Toyota Land Cruiser 200 is convincing above all with its utmost discretion and inconspicuousness, since it is indistinguishable from the serial model. These two WELP-highlights were just two of many presented vehicles: the company Diehl e.g. took their HPEM with them, Rheinmetall their Survivor. The company Kidde-Deugra also provided plenty of excitement during its outdoor-demonstrations on the ground of the former barracks site by igniting several explosions and subsequently carrying out a test of a fire suppression system. Following the motto “mobility and communication” the topic of remote supervision of an inside-space was presented insistently during a live-demonstration of the company 3D-Media-Broadcast Satellite. The company presented their innovations of satellite communication in the same way. “Mobility and communication were the central topics of this year’s event since we recognize significantly the increasing demand for innovative communication solutions in mobility in the protection industry”, explains Marcel Hülsmann, responsible for Marketing at the WELP Group. In line with this, the relevance of the topic of e-mobility became apparent at the Security Forum: the company Force Pro exhibited two police vehicles on the basis of a completely electric driving Tesla.


Great interest in public authorities and industry

Apart from demonstrations full of action and manifold exhibition objects, diverse lectures raised high interest at the WELP Security Forum. Following the motto of the Forum, Frank Rehder from Media Broadcast Satellite & Griffity Defense reported on “New technologies in the connection of mobile units via satellites.” Michel Findeisen of the company 3D-Visionlabs talked about the “Increased safety in the vehicle through AI-based condition recording of the occupants”. And Dr. Olaf von Roeder from Diehl Defence GmbH & Co. KG reported to the topic of “HPEM in police equipment” Technology for stopping motorized vehicles on the road.” In addition to representatives of well-known manufacturers and interested companies and partners in the security industry, representatives of the police directorates from various federal states, the security authorities and the Bundeswehr were among the trade visitors.


About the WELP Group

With more than 40 years of experience, the WELP Group belongs to the leading manufacturers for development and manufacture of armoured safety vehicles starting from prototyping to small series of to customer-specific special solutions. Moreover, the company provides After-Sales-Services, such as driver trainings, technical instructions, security checks, inspections, repairs and spare part supply directly to the application area. Aid organizations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), European authorities, international embassies, head of states worldwide rely on armoured vehicles and service from Georgsmarienhütte (Lower Saxony).


The group of companies is certified manufacturer of armoured vehicles up to highest civil protection levels. With a protection concept based on a modular design, completely designed as a bolt-in-armouring-variant, the company ensures all safety standards according to VPAM and STANAG. Highest comfort and an effective armouring, which does not attract unnecessary attention because it is not visible from the outside. Each vehicle will be manufactured individually with high-class ballistic material and will be tested by an efficient quality management system including driving tests. The group develops and manufactures ballistic protected all-terrain vehicles and SUVs on the basis of the Toyota Land Cruiser models 76, 78, 79 and 200, Lexus LX570, Nissan Patrol Y62 and GMC as ambulance, police or UN vehicles.  The portfolio does also include armoured Mercedes Benz Sprinter used as troop carrier or cash in transit, delivery vehicles and ambulances, armoured utility vehicles/trucks such as exclusive limited editions and luxury vehicle conversions as per individual requirements. Each vehicle comes in a variety of variants and protection levels, depending on individual needs and safety requirements.


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