As requirements change over time, it’s important to stay operational and mobile. We equip your special-purpose vehicles retrospectively with electrical and mechanical components to ensure they are always ready for new assignments. Reliable OEM quality, specially designed for use in fire department, police, and VIP vehicles, tailored to suit your needs and the individual design of each respective vehicle.

Whether it’s electrical components such as radio technology, special signalling equipment, and navigation systems, or mechanical components such as brackets and shelving systems, we offer everything you need for a complete retrofit from a single source. Compliant with various standards including ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

A selection of our services

Rescue and fire department vehicles
  • Roof bars
  • Disguised additional front flash
  • Magnetic flashing light
  • Flashing roof lights
  • Radio
  • Handheld radio
  • Additional power supply
  • etc.
Police vehicles
VIP vehicles
  • Cardanic reading light
  • Radio antennas (open and disguised)
  • Bumper antennas
  • Cordless telephone in the rear
  • Telephone on central console
  • etc.

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