Support in the operations

The work carried out by the police is constantly changing: whether it’s in terms of large-scale operations or in everyday life, the job is becoming increasingly demanding, versatile, and challenging. This is why it’s all the more important for their equipment to work perfectly, which is where we come in to support them with radio patrol and squad cars that we have equipped and converted especially for their respective areas of operation.

This means that our vehicles provide the emergency services with everything they need to go about their day-to-day business – from communication and special signal systems to bespoke interior fittings complete with work tables and shelving systems. We can even take care of applying decals in accordance with applicable guidelines so that the cars are immediately recognisable as police vehicles.

We also offer an option to equip police vehicles with special armouring solutions – for example, equipping the windows with puncture and bullet resistant glass and the doors with aramid panels.

Vehicles for police use

Our services

Radio for government agencies and organisations involved in security
  • Radio equipment, operating devices, and handsets
  • Hands-free kits
  • Tetra/GPS multi-range antenna system
  • Loudspeaker with loudspeaker control
  • Communication and navigation systems
  • Intercom and two-way communication systems
  • etc.
Special signalling equipment
  • LED roof bars
  • LED rotating beacons
  • LED front and rear flashing lights
  • Command microphone systems with loudspeaker
  • Remote horn loudspeakers
  • Information sign to the rear
  • Stop signal sign to the front
  • etc.
Electrotechnical equipment
  • Additional batteries
  • Plug sockets, converters, and transformers
  • Battery management systems, chargers, and deep-discharge protection
  • External feeds including connection cable
  • Surveillance systems
  • Video/media technology
  • etc.
Vehicle decals
  • Based on customer request and applicable standards
  • Partial and full application
  • Information stickers
  • etc.
Special police-specific interior design
  • Individual seats, work tables, and seating systems
  • Storage space and solid shelving systems
  • Partition walls and grilles
  • Overhead consoles with operating elements
  • Privacy blinds
  • Accident recorder
  • Fire extinguishers, flashlights, guide rod
  • etc.

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