Our undercover and unmarked investigation vehicles are the obvious choice whenever police officers and investigators are looking to remain as discreet as possible. We manufacture these vehicles especially for police headquarters, criminal investigation offices, and special task forces, among other customers.

The product range of emergency vehicles extends from passenger cars and vans through to entire trucks from well-known manufacturers. But whatever the base vehicle, our conversions are always designed with the same end goal in mind: to provide officers with a safe emergency vehicle tailored precisely to their needs, which looks like a civilian vehicle both outside and in.

By optimizing the use of space and installing well-conceived storage systems, we create space for equipment that is precisely tailored to the needs of the police and can be used both quickly and effectively. Our decades of experience in converting and upgrading vehicles also flows into equipping them with special protection solutions that ensure the safety of their passengers. This is how we are able to manufacture vehicles that prove themselves in a variety of applications without compromising on their discreet appearance.

Our services

Our range of services in relation to police-specific equipment in unmarked emergency vehicles includes:

Concealed installation of radio technology (digital/analogue radio)
  • Installation of radio systems in glove boxes and hidden consoles
  • Installation of in-vehicle microphones
  • Installation of car antenna systems for Tetra, GPS, GSM, etc.
  • Console and switch units
  • Navigation systems
  • etc.
Concealed installation of special signalling systems
  • LED beacons with magnetic feet
  • Front flashing lights
  • Audio sequence systems
  • Sockets and roof sockets
  • Bespoke indicators and specifications
  • etc.
Equipment with additional technical and electrical options
  • Isolating relays
  • Additional batteries
  • Additional fuse boxes
  • 12 V sockets, converters, and sine-wave inverters
  • Integrated chargers
  • etc.

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