Armoured Toyota Land Cruiser 200 F2-TLC

Security and discretion: Our armoured F2-TLC is the vehicle of choice for governments, embassies, aid organisations and special operations forces around the world. This is because the armoured vehicle looks virtually identical to a standard Toyota Land Cruiser, yet it offers a high level of ballistic protection. The WELP F2-TLC is based on the Toyota Land Cruiser 200. The vehicle is available in protection classes VR7 and VR9.

The protective concept for the armoured F2-TLC has been certified by the "German Beschussamt" according to the current VPAM guidelines BRV2009 and ERV2010. The vehicle is available in protection classes VR7 and VR9.

  • Base Vehicle
    • Toyota Land Cruiser 200
  • Ballistic Protection Class
    • VPAM VR7 – VR9/BRV2009
  • Blast Protection Class
    • VPAM ERV 2010, STANAG 4569

Technical details

Ballistic specification

Ballistic protection classVR7VR9
Calibre.308 Win
(7.62 x 51)
.223 Rem.
(5.56 x 45)
.308 Win
(7.62 x 51)
Mass (g)9.55 ± 0.14.0 ± 0.19,55 ± 0,2
Manufacturer / ModelMEN DM 111MEN SS 109MEN/CBC FNB 80
Distance (m)10 + 0.510 + 0.510 + 0.5
Pace (m/s)830 ± 10950 ± 10830 ± 10
Energy (J)3,2891,8053,261

Higher and/or lower vehicle protection classes are available on request!

Blasting specification

Blast protection class VPAM ERV2010 & STANAG 4569

 1x RGD52x DM511x HG85AP DM31 (optional)15 kg TNT*6 kg Landmine**


Fuel tank ja    
Side blast (car bomb)    ja 
Front wheel     ja


The interior in 360 degree view

Motorisation options

The base vehicle of the armored F2-TLC is the Toyota Land Cruiser 200.

Engine4.5L V8, 1VD-FTV4.5L V8, 1VD-FTV4.0L V6, 1GR-FE4.0L V6, 1GR-FE4.6L GX-R 8 FLR5.7L VXR V8
Fuel typeDieselDieselPetrolPetrolPetrolPetrol
Displacement in ccm4,4614,4613,9563,9564,6085,663
Number of cylinders886688
Engine power217 hp232 hp240 hp240 hp304 hp362 hp
Gearboxes5 gears, manual6 gears, automatic5 gears, manual6 gears, automatic6 gears, automatic6 gears, automatic
Drive type4 x 44 x 44 x 44 x 44 x 44 x 4
Permissible max. weightUp to 5,700 kgUp to 5,700 kgUp to 5,700 kgUp to 5,700 kgUp to 5,700 kgUp to 5,700 kg
Load capacityUp to 1,000 kgUp to 1,000 kgUp to 1,000 kgUp to 1,000 kgUp to 1,000 kgUp to 1,000 kg
Seats5 - 85 - 85 - 85 - 85 - 85 - 8
Tank capacity93 l + 45 l93 l + 45 l93 l + 45 l94 l + 45 l95 l + 45 l96 l + 45 l


Other motorisation options and equipment available on request!

Equipment features

Our armoured vehicles are equipped as standard with safety equipment that provides protection for the occupants in dangerous situations. This includes the following components:

WELP Group standard safety equipment:

  • 360° overlap system on all doors and windows
  • Hand-grenade protection (ERV2010 & STANAG 4569) on the vehicle roof
  • Hand-grenade protection (ERV2010 & STANAG 4569) underneath the vehicle
  • Side blast protection against 15 kg TNT (ERV2010 & STANAG 4569) IED
  • Aluminium rims with emergency running system and all-terrain tyres
  • Armoured electronic control unit
  • Armoured main battery
  • Intercom
  • Exhaust cover
  • Reinforced door hinges
  • Reinforced chassis and brake components
  • Industrial coating of all armoured components

Chassis/suspension and brakes

For an armoured vehicle to provide reliable safety even in extreme situations, the person driving it has to be capable of handling it properly. This is why we specially adapt the chassis and the suspension components of the F2-TLC to suit the increased vehicle weight. Our engineers have completely redesigned the chassis/suspension and adapted them to cope with the higher loads of an armoured vehicle. And as if that weren’t enough, the reinforced springs and shock absorbers also help to increase driving safety and comfort, while the brake components have been replaced with more powerful alternatives.

The vehicle has also been tested and successfully certified by the German TÜV under rigorous conditions in various scenarios.

Additional options

  • Battery armour for main and/or additional battery
  • Radiator armour incl. additional fan
  • Tank armour for main and/or additional tank
  • Shatter protection on the floor; DM 31
  • Tank explosion protection
  • Windscreen; heated
  • Cargo area windows; armoured
  • Electric windows; driver/passenger side
  • Gel battery as replacement for main and/or additional battery
  • Main battery switch
  • Fog lights
  • Rear fog light
  • Parking assistance (front/rear)
  • Navigation system
  • Parking heater
  • Parking ventilation; battery operated
  • Strobe lights
  • 360° search lights incl. remote control; roof installation
  • Intercom; PA system & siren
  • Geolocation system; tracking
  • Satellite telephone
  • GSM antenna
  • HF / VHF / UHF radio or antenna equipment
  • LED light strip (130 or 180 watts)
  • Auxiliary LED rear light (white)
  • Rear light shut-off
  • MagCode socket (roof)
  • Winch; 9,500 lbs or 12,000 lbs or 15,000 lbs
  • Fuel cooling
  • Tyre pressure system
  • Camera surveillance system in and around the vehicle (display on the monitor)
  • Door locking; manual
  • Fire extinguishing system; engine compartment, underbody, wheelhouse
  • Fire extinguisher; 2 and 3 kg respectively; incl. bracket in boot
  • Emergency roof exit
  • Fire extinguisher cartridge in engine compartment
  • Equipment mountings
  • Additional interior mirror (for passengers)
  • Special crowbar
  • Sand plates
  • Tool rack (tool brackets)
  • Heavy duty rack
  • Rescue kit (shackle, pulleys, recovery belt)
External equipment
  • Window tinting from A-pillar / B-pillar
  • Differential lock; (front/rear)
  • Braking system; PREMIUM 6 pistons (front)
  • Reinforced clutch; for manual gearboxes only
  • Filter set (fuel filter + spare cartridge for water separator)
  • Tank volume extension
  • Bumper; front, reinforced (steel), incl. LED fog lights
  • Bumper; rear, reinforced (steel)
  • Bumper; front/rear, reinforced (concealed)
  • Stone chip protection for front and/or rear
  • Roof rack
  • Pennant holder
  • Bracket for spare wheel; interior or roof rack
  • Spare NATO canister or plastic canister

Other motorisation options and equipment available on request!

Potential uses

Armoured mission vehicle / Armoured UN vehicle

We offer a range of additional equipment options for the F2-TLC. This allows the armoured vehicle to be individually adapted to suit a whole host of missions and applications. The F2-TLC is used for various missions around the world, including by aid organisations.

Armoured police car / tactical

The F2-TLC can be specially equipped for tactical, defence and reconnaissance missions. With this in mind, we offer special equipment such as gun ports, emergency exits, defence shields and tactical lighting systems.    

Armoured emergency vehicle / ambulance

The F2-TLC can also be equipped with commercially available emergency equipment and used as a multifunctional emergency vehicle with large protected storage space. This allows emergency patients to be transported quickly and easily in dangerous situations by means of a stowaway folding stretcher.

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