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Our quality targets do not end with the sale of a vehicle. On the contrary, we continue to be by your side. Around the clock, and around the world. You can reach us by telephone, e-mail and WhatsApp.

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Our after-sales services

Technical vehicle instruction & driver training

We equip our armoured vehicles with individual options precisely to meet your needs. And we instruct you just as individually at handover in the vehicle's technology and systems, such as the Intercom and radio facilities and the fire-extinguishing and other functions. In addition to this familiarisation with vehicle functions, we also explain our armouring concept for the vehicle in detail. Vehicle handover also includes instruction in driving the vehicle.

Do you want to be better prepared for threatening situations? If you wish, you can take a professional driver-training course.

Vehicle servicing and inspections

To be sure that your vehicles operate safely and reliably at all times, we service and inspect them thoroughly – both in Germany, and at your deployment location. For this purpose, we have our own special taskforce of experts who know everything about everything in these vehicles and will promptly be on their way to your particular deployment location. We make use of our network of partner workshops to assure the necessary local infrastructure.

We would also be pleased to evaluate and audit workshops for you. In this way, you know whether the expertise and equipment for the maintenance of armoured vehicles are genuinely in place where you are.

In addition, we also perform classical inspections which can range from simply changing the basic components and armouring modules up to and including replacement of the running gear or the braking system. And irrespective of whether it is a WELP vehicle or ones of other origin. And this service, naturally, extends around the globe.

Supply of spare parts

We have all common spare parts and armouring components for our vehicles permanently in stock and supply them in the shortest possible time to anywhere in the world. Delivery may be delayed if an embargo has been imposed on the destination country, due to the approval processes necessary, however. Our taskforce will be pleased to install the spare parts for you at your location.

We can also provide complete spare-parts sets for your vehicles. There are numerous options here. A basic set would, for example, contain seals/gaskets, fuses, bulbs, operating liquids and wear parts, such as V-belts. A workshop set would include, among other items, a hydraulic bell jack, a complete tool set and a 12 Volt compressor. As flexibly as our sets may be put together, they all have one thing in common: they are precisely tailored to your vehicles. Just contact us, we'll be pleased to help.

Maintenance and field repairs

Our taskforce is there to maintain and repair your vehicles anywhere in the world. This team will renew running gear, change brake systems, replace bullet-proof windows and perform all the other work needed to keep – or make – your vehicle ready for its mission. With know-how gained in long years of experience and thousands of armoured vehicles. In partner workshops whose technical equipment we have verified in advance, or at a central deployment camp. And we take care of travel to and from the site, accommodation, any special tools needed, etc.

Upgrades are also possible, in order to make armoured vehicles ready for a new deployment territory or new threats. Our team can, for example, retrofit a modular-structured underbelly armoured shield to protect occupants against hand grenades.

And if you wish to set up your own service team, we will be pleased to provide telephone support and supply illustrated instructions and manuals for conversions and expansions.

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