Professional driver-training

Our armoured vehicles are designed to protect lives in dangerous situations, but it’s just as important for the driver and passengers to take the right course of action in the heat of the moment as it is to have the appropriate protective equipment in place. When danger strikes, there is often not a moment to lose. No time to think… No time for mistakes.

Our professional driver training combines theory and practice to help you respond strategically and carefully in spite of stress and time pressure in the face of danger. It also incorporates simulated emergency situations to teach vital basics and standard procedures that can be quickly recalled in an emergency. After all, strong preparation and practical experience are particularly helpful when it comes to coping with stressful situations. Our driver safety trainers are experienced professionals who have worked for many years in special operations command units or completed appropriate further training themselves.

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Avoid dangers, respond appropriately in an emergency

The driver training course takes place over several days. As part of the course, you will learn not only how to recognise threatening situations at an early stage and avoid them as far as possible, but also how to respond appropriately in an emergency. The modules include:

  • Theoretical introduction
  • Preparation before starting to drive
  • Detection of improvised explosive devices (IEDs) on the vehicle
  • Perception of the surrounding situation at street level
  • Mine awareness: Detection of landmines and other explosive devices at street level
  • Behaviour in critical situations (checkpoints, robberies, breakdowns, attacks, carjacking)
  • Handling the vehicle in extreme situations
  • Taking over the vehicle in case of driver absence
  • Driving on steep, muddy, dry and sandy terrain
  • Driving dynamics and physics of armoured vehicles
  • Recovery of stranded vehicles
  • Vehicle technology
  • Changing tyres on unpaved ground
  • Driving in convoy
  • Communication in a convoy
  • And much more besides

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We offer a wide range of standard packages such as “Basic Course”, “Defensive Driving” or “Tactical Driving Skills” in addition to bespoke training courses. Just contact us, we'll be pleased to help.

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