Our goal as a high-performing corporate group is to ensure that our customers have full access to the entire range of products and services that our various subsidiaries supply. It is for this reason that we place such emphasis on the continuous two-way flow of know-how and resources throughout our group.

Our success stems from professional, fair-minded partnerships with customers and contractors alike, both from the automotive industry as a whole and from the vehicle armouring sector within it. Your success is therefore particularly close to our heart. We use our expert knowledge, long experience and advanced manufacturing technology and do everything in our power to develop perfectly-tailored solutions that are finetuned to meet your needs.


Our vision

As a premium supplier to the automotive industry and a manufacturer of individual and armoured vehicles, our vision is of an ever-more mobile world that is also safer and more secure. We rise to this challenge in our day-to-day work in the constant pursuit of supplying our customers with optimised solutions and services to match.


Our team

Our team of over 700 highly qualified employees is dedicated to the successful implementation of all customer projects. Our experienced engineers and technical experts allow us to respond to customers’ requests quickly and flexibly, before delivering the best-possible solutions to their needs.


Innovative from square one: Future-oriented ideas and a professional approach are the basis of our success in production.


A vital stage on the way to readiness for serial production: The practical value of the computer-aided engineering of models becomes clear in the area prototyping.


Traditional craftsmanship and high technology: We apply great precision and the latest technologies to the engineering of complex machine tools for the purposes of prototyping, short production runs and serial manufacturing.


From the initial idea to the end of the production line: We supply vehicle components and modules from small and medium-sized production runs.


Vehicles made to measure: Our special vehicles are optimised to meet the needs of their drivers and their corresponding purposes.


When quality counts: We manufacture top-of-the-range, armoured vehicles under stringent production conditions, using high-quality ballistic materials.

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