Innovative by tradition

1979. A young mechanical engineer with a passion for cars and no shortage of creative ideas sets up a small design company. Unlike the custom of the time, he works with computers instead of drawing boards – and thus immediately makes his young company into a pioneer in CAD and CAM.

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Since then, a lot has happened. That small design office has now become a globally active group working for the automotive and several other industries. With experience, know-how and a highly efficient range of machines.

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With more than 820 employees that develop and produce injection-moulding tools and finished plastic and metal components. Who modify and individually finish motor vehicles. And who protect human life with their armoured-vehicle solutions.

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There are one or two things which have not changed even today, however. Our zero-error quality target, for example. The pioneering spirit with which we search for – and find – ever new solutions for our customers. And our aspiration to be for our customers a genuine partner that continuously provides forward-looking support and advises them in person.

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