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Solutions for industries that allow no compromises

We are your supplier of choice for high-quality injection-moulding tools and components made of plastic and metal. We engineer and produce bespoke vehicles to suit your specific requirements. We can provide you with certified armoured vehicles and special protection solutions designed to save lives.

Companies in the automotive sector, industry in general, medical technology and numerous other segments put their faith in our capabilities, and our special vehicle construction never fails to live up to every expectation. Emergency services, NGOs and high-ranking individuals all know they can rely on our certified armour solutions.

With around 700 employees across seven locations and an impressive range of high-performance machinery at our disposal, we are ideally equipped to handle anything you require. We can safely say that we will always provide you with the perfect solution.


New corporate design

Our new brand identity underlines our core strengths. Operating under the WELP Group umbrella, we bring together the very best specialists across our sites for every project so that our customers know they’re always in good hands. Unmistakable, clear and concise thanks in part to our newly sorted service portfolio.


“I’m someone who likes to get things moving. This is why I love the diverse range of activities I can get involved in at the WELP Group – that and the fantastic working environment, of course.”

Farmingtons employee

“I find our products incredibly fascinating – after all, it’s not every day you come across vehicles with individual armouring and equipment.”

IndiKar employee

“I started out here as a trainee toolmaker, and now I’m head of the department. No day is ever the same as the next here, which means I’m still constantly learning new things.”

Dressel + Höfner employee

“What really motivates me is knowing I have the opportunity to develop as part of a dynamic team, and contributing to the company’s shared success through the work I do.”

Dressel + Höfner International employee

“Part of my role also includes overseeing the trainees. I love this side of the job, as it keeps me feeling young and allows me to pass on my experiences to the next generation.”

Farmingtons employee

“I can’t think of any other employer that offers such an exciting job description combining research and practical development with customer-facing opportunities.”

IndiKar employees

“I am a technical assistant, environmental officer, liaison officer for our Medias facility and so much more besides. There’s nothing routine about my day-to-day work and that’s just the way I like it.”

Dressel + Höfner employee

“I take care of our tools – repair, maintenance, that sort of thing – so that everything runs smoothly and our partners can rely on our quality.”

Dressel + Höfner International employee