Our watchword is reliable quality, high-grade products and excellent results. High standards, indeed! To meet them reliably and to the full, we deploy, throughout the entire group of companies, various provisions that interact and intermesh. Independently operating Quality Assurance teams continuously monitor our quality in all sectors, and our Quality Management is externally certified at regular intervals.

In order to improve even further, we continuously optimise our system and process quality. This also extends to regular Quality Management training courses for our employees. Our target: Improvement of working procedures, enhancement of the efficiency of our company, and reinforcement of our customers’ satisfaction. Please find our certificates on the download-site.

Certified Quality Management

Our Quality Management system is certified in conformity to DIN EN ISO 9001 and IATF 16949.

DIN EN ISO 9001 – Scope of applicability:
  • Toolmaking and prototyping
  • Development and production of armoured and bullet-proof vehicles
IATF 16949 – Scope of applicability:
  • Development and design of plastic and metal components
  • Prototyping
  • Series production
  • Marketing, Sales & Project Management

Eight guiding principles, one target: Excellent quality

Eight guiding principles help to ensure that our customers can rely on the quality of our products and services. Every day.

1. Customer orientation

In steering our processes, our aim is always to continuously increase the satisfaction of our external and internal customers. All of our employees must have this as their top priority and thus the target of their daily work. Our quality targets are: “zero error” and tight adherence to customer-specific requirements.

2. Leadership

All the company’s managerial staff consistently apply the five principal tasks of leadership. These are:
• Setting targets and engaging employees
• Providing good organisation
• Making decisions
• Tracking progress and conformity to planning
• Employee development

3. Inclusion of employees

Our employees are the foundation of our success. Each and every one of them bears responsibility for the quality of our products and services. For this reason, our managerial staff include our employees in all decisions, on the basis of situation and qualifications.

4. Process-orientated approach

We know and wherever possible improve the processes used in our company and their interactions. This enables us to successfully control all our procedures and further enhance their effectiveness and efficiency.

5. System-orientated management

We see our company as an organisational system. By means of effective resources management, coupled with the availability of modern tools and instruments, we assure that the individual parts act and work together and that we fulfil the needs of interested parties.

6. Continuous improvement

We are never satisfied with the targets we have achieved. Ever new and effective measures for improvement enable us to achieve even more demanding targets.

7. Decision-making

We make our decisions after careful consideration on the basis of the available data and information. Our decisions are consistently orientated around our targets. We also check to ensure rapid implementation and effectiveness. This is how we learn for the future and avoid errors.

8. Supplier relations

Thanks to their know-how and the quality of their products, our suppliers make an essential contribution to our success. We involve them equitably in our work, facilitating the attainment of our common targets.

Welding Certifications (Bullet-proof sector)

Our Quality Management naturally also extends to fusion-welded components and structures, whether in series production, one-off production, repair and assembly. We are certified for all welding applications, in general, and also specifically for the production and repair of military products.

Our welding quality requirements fulfil the following standards:

  • DIN EN ISO 3834, Part 2
  • DIN 2303 Q2 with special requirements
  • DIN 2303 Q3 Armouring

Lean Management – The 5S method

Excellent results can be achieved only by those who can concentrate on their tasks without any distractions. This is why we live out Lean Management and the 5S method (Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardise, Sustain). In this way we assure an optimally structured working environment and avoid waste caused by overproduction, time-wasting, unnecessary handling, excessively high stocks of materials, unnecessary movements, production errors, unclear communication, shutdowns, interrupted processes and poor ergonomics.

We are a team. We think, decide and work with and for each other and mutually support one another.

TISAX® – Safety for data at first position

Our companies are certified according to the newest TISAX® guideline. Assessment level 3 includes information security, PTS ProtoVehicles and PTS ProtParts. This means that pre-series prototype components and vehicles can be created at our locations. The company is continuously checked in the annual audits.