For us, compliance means more than just adhering to the applicable legislation and regulations. For us, it means adherence to all the principles of good business practice and thus being a dependable and upright partner for our customers and suppliers.

Our high esteem and our economic success are based on technological competence, our innovative powers, customer orientation and a motivated and highly responsible team. We tolerate no actions which could jeopardise our reputation or our economic base. This is why we comply with legislation and conform to the rules of fair competition just as much as to our own high ethical standards. We expect the same from our partners and suppliers.

We at WELP Group operate together as a team. Because: only together can we dependably meet our high standards for the quality of our products and services. And these quality standards include the assurance of sustainable climate and environmental protection and the efficient use of resources.

We thus lead WELP Group with respect, trust and openness. The entire Board of Management and the managing partners without exception resoundingly support these values.