Whistleblower system

Compliance with laws and regulations is a top priority in our corporate policy. For this reason, we offer employees and external parties a company online whistleblower system for the secure transmission of information. If you become aware of any actions or circumstances that conflict with our policy on lawful conduct, please report them to us in confidence. We assume that tips are accurate and reliable, and that they have been carefully reviewed by the whistleblower before submission. 

The online whistleblower system gives whistleblowers the opportunity to submit information anonymously if they wish. 


Which incidents are to be reported, among others?

  • Environmental pollution
  • Embezzlement
  • Theft
  • Corruption
  • Competition infringement
  • breach of confidentiality
  • as well as all other criminal acts which are in conflict with our principles of lawful conduct.


What matters should not be reported?

The whistleblower system is not used for personal matters, such as dissatisfaction with pay, dissatisfaction with supervisors, or the like. 


To remain anonymous when making a whistleblower report, please follow these steps:

  • Do not call up the whistleblower system from the company - network to avoid possible tracing!
  • Call up the whistleblower system directly (see links below).
  • Avoid writing personal data in the report!

Each company of the Welp Group, located in Germany, has set up its own whistleblowing system. Click on the respective link to be directed to our whistleblower system.


Farmingtons Automotive GmbH: https://farmingtons.trusty.report/

IndiKar Individual Karosseriebau GmbH: https://indikar.trusty.report/

Dressel + Höfner Automotive GmbH: https://dressel-hoefner.trusty.report/