We don’t like compromises. Especially not in our handling of our environment and natural resources: we aim to ensure sustainability and environmental protection in all parts of our companies and throughout our entire activity chain. From development, via prototyping and toolmaking, right through to production. And we have our adherence to this responsibility independently checked at regular intervals. WELP Group’s energy and environmental management systems are certified to DIN EN ISO 50001 and DIN EN ISO 140001, and the individual certificates are available on the site downloads.

Our principles

The basis for these certifications is provided by our environmental and energy policy, which is binding on all employees. We have set them down in eight guiding principles which are handed out to all employees on their first day of work at WELP.


It is our aim to constantly monitor environmental protection and energy-efficiency and to continuously improve them. We provide the information and resources necessary for this purpose.


We undertake to comply with the applicable legal regulations and other binding obligations, to continuously improve our environmental and energy-related performance, to continuously improve our management systems, to protect the environment, including preventing environmental pollution. Furthermore, we are committed to ensuring the availability of information and necessary resources to achieve goals and energy goals.


We promote our employees’ commitment to environmentally aware and energy-efficient conduct by means of information and training. Managerial staff play a special role in this context by setting examples.


We use energy systematically and economically and minimise the occurrence of byproducts, waste, harmful environmental emissions and waste water by means of appropriate technical and organisational provisions.


We assess products and production processes for their environmental and energy impact as early as their development phases.


We support the procurement of energy-efficient products and services that have an impact on energy-related performance.


We assure the implementation and effectiveness of our environmental and energy policy and the attainment of our environmental and energy targets by means of checks, documentation and, where appropriate, by means of any necessary corrections.


In our decisions, we take into account the expectations of internal and external parties of our company. We are ready for open dialogue with all social groups, provide environmentally relevant information on request and work together with authorities and other institutions in environmental protection. Our environmental and energy policy is published for all employees, for business partners who work for our company and also for interested third parties.