The concept of mobility has a huge role to play for people and the society we live in. To consider just two examples of how it affects us on a day-to-day basis, it is a crucial aspect of our ability to lead an independent lifestyle and is indispensable for trading over long distances. But while the rise in mobility has certainly opened up new opportunities, it is not without its challenges, including daily traffic jams on roads and highways, and rising emissions that are harmful to our climate and environment.

This is exactly why we need brand new concepts as we look toward the mobility of tomorrow. We need solutions that are efficient, environmentally friendly, and sustainable while also being comfortable to increase our quality of life. New mobility developments such as these can currently be found primarily in urban areas. These might be in the form of car sharing, an expansion of the infrastructure for e-mobility, pilot projects for intelligent local public transport, or experiments with autonomous driving and alternative drive technologies. Our locomotion is changing and users are demanding new, ecological approaches.

Innovations for tomorrow

These changes are posing new challenges for the automotive industry, but this is where we come in as a reliable partner with developments and innovations. One of our projects involved us supporting the development of an autonomous electric vehicle known as the Schaeffler Mover. We have also worked alongside other companies to develop concepts for mobile charging robots that can be used to automatically charge electric cars in underground garages, for example, and we have also continued to press ahead with the integration of digital functions in vehicles. But we are not only researching new solutions for mobility: In partnership with various institutes, universities and commercial enterprises, we are working on autonomously operating farming machinery as part of the “Feldschwarm” project. These are designed to allow agricultural fields to be cultivated far more efficiently and with less impact on resources than has been possible to date. 

The aim of these projects is to make the world a more sustainable place and, together with our partners, to develop technologies that pave the way to the future today.

Selected reference projects

Schaeffler Mover

We were commissioned by the company Schaeffler to work on the Schaeffler Mover project. This compact autonomous vehicle complete with wheel hub drive for urban areas can be used as a robo cab or a delivery vehicle, to name just a few examples, thanks to its various superstructures.


In cooperation with other companies and four research institutes, we are developing a new machine concept for agriculture: small, intelligent units that can be flexibly combined and perfectly adapted to local conditions.

Trabant nT

A modern city car with retro charm and electric drive: the Trabant nT concept car developed by us was introduced at the IAA in Frankfurt in 2009 and even picked up an award in the “Land of Ideas” competition in 2010.

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