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Innovative from the initial concept up to and including final optimisation: our engineering teams have the necessary know-how and expertise to handle the entire development and engineering process for your products. These may be mechanical and mechatronic functional units, components in and on the vehicle, highly complex components or complete modules – we are at your side as a competent partner from the initial concept up to and including the series-ready product.

We perform conceptual, feasibility and ergonomic studies, which provide us with a reliable basis for efficient project planning. We engineer tools for our in-house tooling facilities.

Our engineering, toolmaking and series-production teams are very closely networked. This enables us to consider - from the very outset of an engineering project - the most suitable manufacturing and production process and respond quickly and flexibly to your specific requirements and wishes – not least of all thanks to our 70! CAD work stations (Catia V5 and Siemens NX). For the validation of our engineering projects we use a wide range of high-performance simulation tools, such as Hyperworks, NX Advanced Simulation and Cadmould, 3D tolerance simulation tools and Apis FMEA. We use CAM software from Tebis and Faro. Data exchange with our customers and suppliers takes place via different interfaces which all guarantee top data security.

Numerous OEM and Tier-1 automotive suppliers rightly rely on our excellent engineering expertise and know-how. For our customers in the automotive industry, we develop interior fittings, structural and functional components, and customised armoured vehicles and armouring solutions.

  • Dashboards
  • Central consoles
  • Door and side panels
  • Columns, roof and boot panels
  • Floor liners, dampening liners
  • Outlet nozzles
  • Decorative parts / surface designs
  • Functional components
  • etc.
  • Bumper systems
  • Headlights / taillights
  • Doors
  • Bonnets and lids
  • etc.
  • Housings
  • Panels and linings
  • Decorative parts / surface designs
  • Styling items
  • Instruments
  • Functional components
  • etc.

Our engineering services at a glance

Concept design

Based on thorough market and benchmark analyses we develop concepts for new products and draw up product requirements documents in close cooperation with our customers.

Pre-development / basic layout / package and concept development

We draft various possible component concepts, propose materials, component separation and installation space, validate the concept in a pre-development phase and determine feasibility in conceptual studies and preliminary analyses.

Design validation / Class A surfacing

We verify the design on technical criteria, assess and validate the design - in close cooperation with the customer - up to and including the design freeze.

Feasibility studies / concept optimisation

We verify the technical implementation of the functionality in the concepts – also under cost aspects.

Ergonomic studies

We verify the functionality, ease of use and ergonomics of the designs.

Validation of legal constraints and requirements

We use high-precision simulation tools to verify that the finished components will be in compliance with all relevant legal requirements, including vehicle safety, to guarantee type approval.

Tolerance studies

We analyse the various component concepts with respect to the tolerances that can be expected in each case. Based on the analysis results, our team determines the clearances within and between the components and the manufacturing processes that assure achievement of the intended functions.

Functional analyses / kinematic layout and examination

We test the functions of the components and validate courses of motion using CAD software and 3D kinematic examinations.

Generation of product data

We render 3D data for defined milestones along the design process, from the concept up to and including the engineered product, taking into consideration the number of items to be produced, and the tooling and material-specific requirements.

Risk analyses of design and process (FMEA + FTA)

Risk analyses using APIS IQ software avoid errors and enhance the technical reliability of the design.

Proof of strength (simulation)

We perform FEM calculations (Hyperworks), tests to determine the forces occurring during assembly/disassembly, calculations of the component rigidity, misuse tests and component validations.

Manufacturability assessment

We test the components to verify that the design is suitable for the intended production process and to determine their demoulding behaviour, shrinkage, distortion and filling characteristics (using Moldflow simulation software, for example).

DMU tests (collision tests)

The individual components within a module are collision and clearance tested.

3D and 2D documentation to customer specifications

We provide

  • Drawings of parts and modules, exploded assembly drawings, part lists, assembly and installation manuals,
  • Drawings to customer specifications,
  • Assembly and welding concepts, and
  • Part lists.
Development of testing and production equipment

We design and engineer testing, measuring, assembly and joining equipment (welding, bonding, etc.) for automotive series production.

Support in all stages from initial series production up to SOP

We provide support in tooling and process optimisation, modification and data management, and cost reduction.

Product optimisation

Using experience from initial components and data from subsequent tests, we optimise production costs, component strength, weight, ease of assembly, etc.

Data and modification management

We provide documentation of design modification and component lifecycle reports inc. data transfer documentation.

Testing and engineering, test and inspection facilities (third party)

Physical component testing: material tests, environmental resilience testing, functional testing.

Assembly concepts / welding concepts

We define assembly and installation concepts and the geometrical layout of the components to meet the requirements of the planned joining methods.

Visualisation (third party)

Diagrams and CAD drawings provide realistic and photorealistic product images.

Digitisation / surface reconstruction

We scan and digitise components, modules and complete vehicles in our in-house metrological facilities.

Supporting services

We prepare product and process documentation during all project stages (part lists, operating procedures, flow charts, etc.) During the design process we take over supplier management.

Tooling engineering - our services at a glance

Feasibility studies and analyses

We verify the feasibility and process reliability of the component geometries in comprehensive tests.

Concept optimisation / suitability of the design for injection moulding

We optimise the product data in order to maximise tooling life, avoid process variations and assure a consistent product quality.

Simulation of filling behaviour, distortion and shrinkage, and rheological tests

We perform rheological analyses, including mould-filling simulations, of complex injection-moulded parts to analyse their distortion and shrinkage behaviour.

Tooling design

We design injection-moulding tools based on 3D product data provided by the customer, taking tooling and product requirements documents into account. Our services include 3D designs, process-specific drawings of individual components, part lists, documentation and maintenance schedules.

Design changes

We adapt 3D tooling designs based on modified product data, drawings of revised designs, and documentation data.

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