When it comes to armoured vehicles, we are the trusted, go-to supplier for a whole host of aid organisations, authorities and VIPs. What’s more, the WELP Group has also been a reliable partner to OEMs in the field of bullet-proof, armoured vehicles for many years. We have been supplying the respective protection kits ever since the first generation of the Audi A8 Security was launched. Developed with the utmost precision. Tested under the most rigorous conditions in our ballistic testing laboratory. Certified by a German proof house and manufactured by us in series. Up to 120 special-protection kits roll off our production line every single year.


Audi has been relying on our expertise in the field of special protection for over two decades now. Ever since the D3 generation (from 2002), we have been working together on developing protection concepts for vehicles, setting up test vehicles and supplying our protection kits to Audi as standard.

And that’s not all we do. We can even handle entire vehicle conversions on request, including all necessary work on other vehicle components such as the chassis/suspension, interior or vehicle electrics. Our extensive expertise stems from handling thousands of armoured vehicles designed to protect people all around the world, and we also have an impressive fleet of high-performance machinery at our disposal. We are proud to call on an in-depth understanding of the processes, documentation requirements and infrastructures of a whole host of automobile manufacturers. We have also been certified compliant with various standards, including ISO 9001:2008, ISO IATF 16949, DIN 2302 (Q1 + Q2 + Q3), ISO 3834 and EN 15085.

Whether as a supplier or a manufacturing partner, we can handle all services for you from engineering and prototype construction through to the punctual delivery of special-protection kits and vehicles.

Ready-to-install special-protection kits

Our special-protection kits comprise high-precision armour modules that we develop with Catia V5 and adapt to exact requirements to suit each specific model. This means the modules are always ready to install. Each kit is specially designed to fully equip a vehicle according to the required protection level. So for you as an OEM, all that’s left to do is install the kits.

Complete vehicles

We are also happy to produce complete bullet-proof, armoured vehicles for you on request. All you have to do is provide us with the basic vehicles and we’ll take care of the rest in close cooperation with you. Armour installation makes up just a single aspect of this full-service package. We can also integrate additional systems such as communication equipment and even adapt the cabling, interior, brakes and chassis to suit the new conversions. This all contributes to a finished armoured vehicle that functions reliably and can be handled with the utmost precision in every situation.

The Welp advantage

No matter which option you choose, your vehicles will benefit from protective equipment that has been tried and tested thousands of times around the world and still has that innovative edge. This is because our special protection kits are screwed together rather than welded. It may involve more complex production processes and place high demands on the design, but this special feature offers several advantages:

  • The screw connection creates a closed, self-supporting armoured cell, which – unlike its welded counterparts – offers a certain degree of flexibility even under the highest stresses and loads. This allows it to absorb energy and deform without rupturing or breaking open.
  • If required, individual modules can be easily re-ordered and replaced. In fact, minor maintenance work can even be carried out directly on site without the need to visit a workshop.
  • The cathodic dip coating process we use ensures every last part is fully protected against corrosion, whereas welding always leaves some areas – such as the seams – without a protective layer.
  • Screw connections are also far more gentle than welding on the material of the basic bodywork, as there is no thermal stress involved.

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