Testing of materials and components

Security-relevant materials and components are tested under the most exacting conditions at our Ballistic Testing Laboratory, located at Wilkau-Hasslau. And not only our own: many producers of glass, metal, composites and ammunition also use our laboratory. This is where the very latest developments are trialled before being tested by the German State Proof House. Flexibly, reliably and in conformity to internationally recognised test procedures.

What makes our laboratory special: the same conditions apply there as at the State Proof Houses – with the difference that you, our customer, have the opportunity of being present in person at the test in our Visitor's Room and that we can make - during testing - any modifications wished or needed. The laboratory provides sufficient space for bombardment of individual components or complete vehicles. Our laboratory even provides professional facilities for ballistic testing of specially mounted out-of-the-ordinary specimen dimensions with a 3D geometry.

Joint development of new materials

Efficiency is also necessary in the sphere of armoured vehicles. This means that the added weight resulting from armouring must be kept as low as possible without any sacrifice of protection against ballistic and explosive threats. A challenge which we meet with the permanent further evolution of ballistic materials and their production and joining methods.

We also support our customers as a partner in this development. If required, we can review the entire production process and its effects, from cutting, via shaping – using bending or press hardening – up to and including heat treatment operations and welding processes. Our development engineers will also accompany you through blast-resistance tests and the simulation of other highly dynamic processes. Another speciality is the performance of hardness and structural tests, along with bending, stiffness and crack inspections.

Our ballistic testing laboratory – an overview

Test tubes

Allowable muzzle energy max. 35,000 Joule
Firing range variable, up to max. 30 m
Velocity measurement system CW Infraspot 400B precision photoelectric barrier

Test tubes for calibres

Small firearms 9 x 19 mm, .357 Magnum, .44 Remington Magnum
Rifles/automatic weapons 5.56 x 45 mm, 7.62 x 39 mm, 7.62 x 51 mm, 7.62 x 54 R mm
FSP 20 mm 20 x 102 mm


Test standards

  • STANAG 4569 AEP-55, Volume 1 up to and including Level 3 and FSP 20 mm
  • VPAM Codes APR, PM and BRV
  • DIN EN 1522/23
  • others on request

Product-related services

  • Comprehensive ballistic tests on plate material, complete armoured vehicles and components/assemblies
  • Materials and systems tests on window and door elements and components
  • Testing in accordance with customer-specific requirements, including variation of angle of impact and projectile velocity
  • Series of pre-certification tests and statistical bombardment
  • Ultra-modern materials testing laboratory for detailed analysis of materials (hardness testing or microsections, for example)
  • Simulation of the effects of temperature in our climatic chamber (1 m³, -40 to 180° C)

Our advisory services

  • Support and assistance in the development of ballistic materials
  • Professional-standard testing and weak-point analysis of materials and design/structural components and assemblies at all phases of development
  • Advisory services provided by qualified and experienced ballistics experts
  • Expert advice on explosive threat scenarios

Our special services

  • Clearly structured test report, with illustrative documentation
  • High-velocity images of your ballistics tests via partner company possible
  • Appointments available at short notice
  • Press hardening of ballistic components/assemblies with thermographic evaluation

Visitor's room

  • Secure room with large armoured viewing window and a monitor on which important data, such as projectile velocity and energy, are displayed
  • Direct communication and exchange of information with the test officer are possible during the bombardment test
  • Two cameras permit additional views
  • Meetings, consulting, evaluations and assessments take place immediately on the test object

Additional equipment for materials testing

Hardness testing

  • Portable Rockwell test instrument for standard-conformant testing of heavy and poorly transportable test objects
  • Bareiss V-test for HV 0.1 to HV 10, including evaluation software for Vickers, Brinell and Rockwell hardness testing, also hardness mapping


Drop hammer

  • Weights ranging from 64.5 to 111 kg can be applied
  • Hammer diameter: 100 mm
  • Drop height: can be varied up to 2 m


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