Out in crisis areas, helpers and support workers require special protection not only in their everyday lives, but also in the event of illness or emergency situations.

This is exactly why we offer individually configurable armoured emergency vehicles with a discreet appearance, available in various protection classes and complete with full medical equipment. Options include securing the patient area with a protection concept and kitting out the vehicle floor, ceiling and side walls with ballistic steel.

The special thing about our solution for emergency vehicles is that our special protection kits are bolted together rather than welded. This is a complex procedure, but it offers several advantages:

  • Bolted components offer a certain degree of flexibility unlike welded armoured cells. The bolted connection creates a closed, self-supporting armoured cell, which absorbs energy under maximum load and deforms, whereas a pure weld seam may tear or break.
  • This means individual modules are straightforward to replace as and when required.
  • The cathodic dip coating process we use ensures every last part is fully protected against corrosion, whereas welding always leaves some areas – such as the seams – without a protective layer.
  • Bolted connections are also far more gentle than welding on the material of the basic bodywork, as there is no thermal stress involved.

Comprehensive conversions

It goes without saying that we also adapt the chassis, suspension components and brakes to suit the increased weight of the vehicle on account of the armouring. The optimised elements include the shock absorbers, springs and stabilisers, as well as the brake pads, discs, callipers and lines. If required, we can even integrate additional systems, such as communication systems, into the vehicle during the conversion process.

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