Individualisation is such a hot topic right now. From products to services, customers want freedom of choice and packages that are uniquely tailored to their personal preferences and requirements. This also increases the demand for customisation in vehicles, particularly in the premium and luxury segment; however, OEM production processes are usually designed for high volumes.

We produce exclusive special series ranging from three to several thousand units, each of which is characterised by its special equipment, special materials, and individual design. From the development through to the aftersales service, everything comes from a single source in close coordination with you, our customer. This allows OEMs to secure additional sales opportunities with limited-edition special models. New OEMs can count on us as a partner that will implement their concepts and support their pilot series competently from start to finish. When it comes to car dealerships and general importers, we produce vehicle series for which an in-house pre-development phase is necessary or which cannot be brought to life by conventional workshops. This means even large companies can count on sensational, high-end marketing vehicles.

Special models for OEMs – Our services

We will support you with the production of your special editions from A to Z:

Project profile

We create the project profile after a brainstorming session to come up with an appropriate solution.

Concept development

The concept development phase involves us carrying out a market analysis, concept study, and risk assessment.

Production preview & business model

As part of our series production phase, we create the production preview and business model as well as delivering the first vehicle.

Briefing, a repair guide, spare parts management

The services we provide you with also include a product briefing, a repair guide, and spare parts management.

Overview of services

  • Parts replacement    
  • Development & conversion of special functions    
  • Development & production of marketing vehicles    
  • Development & production of special protection vehicles    
  • Special production as an OEM
  • Production of official and special vehicles    
  • Development, engineering & production of tuning vehicles    
  • Drive conversions with structural adaptation    
  • Small-series production of one-of-a-kind models
  • Implementation of new mobility concepts

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