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We, as a system partner, produce top-quality plastic components in small, medium and large numbers. Finished on our paint line, and completely assembled and delivered ready-for-installation if required. Our range of machines includes more than 50 modern injection-moulding machines with locking forces from 25 to 3,200 tonnes and 1C, 2C + hybrid, gas-assisted injection moulding, hybrid and insert / outsert technology.

And, of course, we can also combine plastics and metals with each other. In addition, we also have numerous processing methods available, such as milling, pad printing, flocking, hot staking, plastics welding, etc., enabling us to produce high-quality technical components, housing components and visible components, such as interior and exterior elements.

Many of our plastics injection moulding production operations take the form of fully automated assembly processes combined – where necessary – with high-precision hand-crafted work. Performed by an outstandingly trained team and backed up by all-in Quality Assurance and our zero-error target. Numerous customers in the automotive sector, industry in general, medical technology and numerous other segments put their faith in our capabilities, ranging from engineering up to and including the finished component.

Plastics injection moulding – our processes

1C – compact injection moulding

We use 1C injection moulding for the production of technical components and interior elements in all commonly used thermoplastics, elastomers and flameproof materials.

2C – multicomponent injection moulding

In our 2C injection moulding system, we feed multiple melts into the tool in succession. This enables us to combine rigid and flexible components, or multiple colours. Our variants:

  • Turning moulds, spiders and rotary cores (index moulds)
  • Transfer system and inserts
  • Core-back and sealing-slide technology
2C + hybrid – three in one

Here, we combine two plastics and a metal component to make a single complex-geometry part capable of fulfilling a large and diverse range of requirements. Up to three different materials – including those possessing contradictory properties – and colours can be combined.

Gas-assisted injection moulding

Gas-assisted injection moulding generates a high wall thickness with no sink, producing rigid components. Compared to classical multicomponent technology using two melts, the gas-assisted injection moulding process permits a negligibly low viscosity combined with high compressibility.

Thick-wall injection moulding

We produce components of highly reinforced polyamide with a wall thickness of 10 mm or more which are capable of replacing steel elements. This helps, for instance, in reducing vehicle weight.

Hybrid components / insert and outsert moulding

Hybrid components are produced by injecting around or onto inserts such as punched and turned components, fixing elements, bushes and contacts for connectors and LID frames.

Injection-compression moulding

Injection-compression moulding is used for the production of highly accurate or extremely large plastic components.

Assembly and manufacture of ultra-small to large series

Product / module assembly (manual and automated)

From attachment of fixing elements up to complex connector assembly and on-line testing – we will assemble your individual components to make complex modules.


Plastic components are adhesively bonded to fabrics, films or foam. Laminating is used, for example, for the door linings, instrument panels and centre consoles of vehicles.

Installation and finishing of OEM special series

We luxury finish small series of automobiles which are difficult for OEM to process on the basis of their technical possibilities due to their low numbers. Our services here include exclusive internal fittings, one-off models, luxury finishing and special interior and exterior packages.

Surface finishing – our potentials

  • Painting
  • Pad printing / screen printing
  • Flocking

Our reworking and joining methods

  • Ultrasonic and vibration welding, hot-plate welding
  • Riveting / hot staking
  • Milling
  • Inline measurement / encoding

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