Vehicles really know how to trigger our emotions, particularly when it comes to classic cars. Whether it’s an old Samba bus that we associate with childhood camping vacations, or a classic sports car that still fascinates us even today with its design and once pioneering feats of engineering, every vehicle era has its icons, and every vehicle enthusiast has their own personal dream car. It goes without saying that these are worth preserving both technically and visually as a cultural asset; however, it can be difficult to get hold of parts for many classic cars, just as it is for many more recent vehicles for which the manufacturer no longer has all the spares.

This is exactly why our experts specialise in reproducing parts for classic vehicles, whether it’s an individual piece, in small series for clubs, or as a new edition for dealers and OEMs. This is yet another area in which we focus on combining state-of-the-art technology with precise craftsmanship. For example, we use CAD software and 3D scanning to create three-dimensional models of spare parts in order to reproduce them in a way that remains true to the original. Alternatively, we can produce parts entirely from scratch according to the manufacturer’s original specifications.

Whether you need spares for things like body parts or other accessories, we will come up with the perfect reproductions to suit your needs so that you can keep your classic car in mint contemporary condition.

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