The protection that every deployment squad deserves: our range of products and services is rounded off by personal protective equipment (PPE). Manufactured to the same high quality standards and the same zero-error target as our armoured vehicles, in conformity to our certifications for the production and repair of military products (DIN EN ISO 3834, Part 2, DIN 2303 Q2 with special requirements and DIN 2303 Q3 Armouring).

H6 PRO Ballistic Helmet

Certified in conformity to VPAM 6

Unique protection combined with high comfort: the H6 PRO is an innovative ballistic helmet for special operations units and mobile tactical deployment teams, manufactured using the very latest technologies. Thanks to its robust design and construction, this helmet provides exceptionally high ballistic protection right into the peripheral areas – even against 7.62 x 39 mm calibre projectiles.

At the same time, it features padded inserts and a flexible strap system to assure extra comfort and easy handling: its strap can be used to adjust the helmet to head circumferences ranging from 51 to 65 cm using only one hand - even during a mission. The H6 PRO's special design assures optimum vision and hearing and imposes no limitations on personnel in tactical situations. It can also be augmented with a range of options, including visors, for instance.

Combat protection - the latest generation

H6 PRO - Specifications

Protection levelTest level 6 VPAM HVN 2009, most recently revised: 4 April 2017
Ammunition, velocity and energy7.62 x 39 mm, FMJ/PB/FeC, 8.0 g, PS, 720 m/s +/- 10m/s, 2074 J
MaterialSpecially treated steel
Area protectedFull all-round protection, including peripheral areas (1,127 cm²)
Residual energyThe residual energy transmitted into the head during bombardment is less than 10 Joule
SizesUniversal one-size-fits-all thanks to one-hand adjustment to head sizes from 51 to 65 cm
ColourColour and surface characteristics can be personalised to match customer's requirements (standard: black)
PropertiesThe flexible rail/padding system makes it possible to add accessories and equipment, such as anti-ballistic visors, torches, headsets, breathing equipment, etc.

Tactical ballistic shield

Tailored to your needs

Small and handy in tight situations, or large-format for even more protection, classified up to VPAM 6: we produce individual ballistic shields precisely tailored to your mission needs. Many options are possible, including sight window, ergonomic designs, tactical torches, carrying handles and bags, etc.

We have, for example, produced a ballistic shield featuring these properties in cooperation with a German authority:


Tactical ballistic shield – Specimen specification


MaterialCommercial-grade polyethylene fibre
Ballistic resistanceMeets requirements in accordance with "Technical Directive – Ballistic protective equipment (status: July 2011)", using ammunition of Test Level 6 as per VPAM APR 2006, Edition 2, status: 30 November 2014

Shield: 1,100mm x 600mm (not flexed)

Sight window: 72mm x 180mm, positioned 170mm below top edge
Weightapprox. 14 kg incl. carrying bag

Ballistic resistance up to +70° C is assured

Suitable for right- and left-handed users

Grip system with plastic-foam arm pad and belt system for fixing to elbow

Folding feet for secure positioning of shield

White-light LED with 600 lumen luminous power

Optional carrying bag

This tactical shield supplements the standard protective equipment used by police forces throughout Germany. It is notable for its high ballistic protection and good handling and is thus suitable, in particular, for special deployments in terrorist locations when facing armed opponents. Further uses include major sporting and other events with the involvement of the police or security services.

The shield features a ballistically protected sight window of the same protection class as the shield material itself. The special shape of the ballistic shield enables the bearer to carry and to steady a small arm. A second person can also steady a rifle/automatic weapon behind the shield.

Thanks to its folding feet, the ballistic shield can be positioned tilted slightly toward the user and can be laid and stacked in the horizontal position for transportation.

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