Series production of metal components, modules and assemblies

We supply series-produced metal components, modules and assemblies. Produced and machined to the finest detail, of maximum quality and precisely tailored to the wishes of our customers.

Our range covers all machining, working and processing services in steel, stainless steel, aluminium, etc.. All produced by experienced staff in ultra-precise manual work using modern machinery. We have, among other modern facilities, a welding robot capable of performing spot, MIG, MAG and TIG welding. But we are concerned not only with ultra precision, but also with efficiency. In the field of punching, for example, we put our faith in progressive stamping and combination die technology, to permit the rational production of large quantities of components.

We are also pleased to act as a series supplier and/or as a contract (toll) production partner for you. If required, we can support you with our know-how on new product projects, through from the very conception up to readiness for series production. Because: here at WELP, production, engineering and our own toolmaking are tightly meshed.

Metal components and modules – Our services


We employ a range of methods to get plate and sheet into exactly the right shape. Our hydraulic presses punch components with a force of 63 t to 300 t. Metal of a thickness of up to 12 mm can be bent, folded, pressed, deep-drawn and hot formed.

Punching technology

Our hydraulic presses are capable of exerting punching forces ranging from 63 t to 300 t. And, of course, we also offer all follow-up services for your stamped parts, including barrel finishing. Take a look at the video further down on this page for a closer look at our punching production processes.


To achieve precisely the desired contours, we use high-power CNC milling machines - ideally suited to the production of large runs.


We use both water-jet and laser cutting to cut our materials to the size needed. Both methods offer similar benefits and are capable of cutting metals extremely flexibly and precisely in two and in three dimensions. Laser cutting heats the material only a little, while the water-jet method is a cold cutting method.


We use our modern range of machinery with great precision to join individual components to make complex modules. Depending on needs, we may use here spot welding, MIG, MAG or TIG welding, riveting and other joining methods to join the individual components.

Surface finishing

Components must not only function perfectly, they must also look perfect, especially those that are externally visible. This is why we surface finish the metal components by means of barrel finishing, grinding and polishing, coating and painting. This also protects these components against the weather.


We assemble individual components and subassemblies either manually or automatically to complete modules and products that are immediately ready for installation or use.

A look at our punching production processes

High-tech at work. This video gives you a look behind the scenes of our production facilities and shows you how our high-precision metal components and modules are made.

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