The basis for series production

Prototyping is an elementary step on the path of a product from an idea to readiness for series production. Our team will produce for you true-to-scale models of all developments and designs, and also prototypes of components and complex designs – up to and including finished vehicles.

And not only motor-vehicle manufacturers put their faith in our prototyping skills: industrial companies also make use of our capabilities to test their final products under real conditions. An important proof of their confidence in us, and one which we greatly appreciate. This is why we apply the strictest secrecy and – as in everything that we do – the highest standards of quality and precision. The result: prototypes that already possess the attributes for series production.

Our broad range of methods and processes, combined with our many years of experience, enable us to provide you with prototyping in an extensive range of metal and plastic products. As an additional service, we also measure components, modules and complete vehicles to high levels of accuracy. For this purpose, we use innovative, in some cases automated, optical measuring instruments, high-accuracy CNC measuring machines and our mobile measuring technology.

Prototyping – our methods

3D printing

Using 3D printing, we convert CAD data in an ultra-short time into highly accurate visualisation and functional prototypes in numbers ranging up to short production series. We use for our Rapid Prototyping stereolithography (SLA / STL), selective laser sintering (SLS) and fused deposition moulding (FDM).

Silicone Tooling / Vacuum casting

Vacuum casting is the perfect method for fast, efficient and cost-effective production of components and mouldings.

Prototype injection moulding (prototyping tools)

We produce steel or aluminium prototyping tools and use them to injection-mould high-quality prototype components. Very quickly, you will be holding your prototype in your hands and can assess its styling and design for series readiness – without needing to invest in a high-cost series production tool.

Automotive modelling

We prepare high-precision models in wood, plastic and other materials for illustration purposes and for initial tests. A 5-axis gantry-type modelling milling machine with a table size of 2,900 x 1,670 x 850 mm is used for this purpose. Cubing models can also be prepared.


Our services include folding / bending, pressing, welding, laser cutting, etc., for the production of aluminium and metal prototypes.

Laminating / fibre spraying

Smaller components are made by hand by means of laminating, a method in which multiple fibre components are positioned one above the other. Our fibre-spraying system is used for larger components.

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