From passenger cars to spacious vans, we design and manufacture special vehicles for the police and criminal justice authorities to ensure the secure transport of prisoners.  We always work in close cooperation with our customers to ensure vehicles are equipped with sophisticated solutions and modern technologies for maximum security – including an armoured finish on request.

Our experts install protective and safety elements both inside and out; adapt the body, superstructure, and interior design; and even retrofit communication systems and other equipment. The end result is an entirely bespoke vehicle that has been specially adapted to the customer’s needs. 

Throughout the vehicle conversion process, our quality assurance department handles all of the necessary documentation and acceptances in line with the recognised ISO standards. This reassures our customers that every security vehicle from our company complies with the applicable international standards, rules and laws. Our vehicles have been proving their worth for a long time now, and are a firm favourite with the police and various prisons across Germany, to name just a few examples.

Emergency vehicles for prisoner transport

Our services at a glance:

Installation of special signal systems and lighting technology

Installation of antennas and communication/navigation systems

Bodywork and body modifications

Fire extinguisher manual and automatic

Markings and foils according to GAPS and other standards

Installation of video surveillance systems (monitors, IP cameras, video signal paths, etc.)

Equipment with energy and power supply as well as converters

Interior fittings

Equipment with brackets

On request, we can kit out your vehicles for prisoner transport with protective equipment up to protection class VPAM VR9 and even adapt the chassis and brake system to suit the increased vehicle weight. We can even design the interior to include single cells, seats or combinations of the two. It goes without saying that we can also integrate numerous communication systems and other equipment to suit your specific requirements. After all, we produce every single vehicle on an individual basis.

Special protection for criminal justice vehicles

Our services at a glance:

  • Protective equipment up to protection class VPAM VR9
  • New brake system and adaptation of the chassis to the vehicle weight (including 4x4s)
  • Interior design concepts including individual cells and seating
  • Tyres with run-flat functionality
  • Various options such as fire extinguishing systems, battery disconnecting relays, gel batteries, special signalling systems, intercom systems, interior surveillance systems
  • Communication systems and radios for security agencies and organizations

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